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About me

My name is Margarida Carreira, I was born in 1973 in Coimbra - Portugal - and grew up in Évora. I went to art school in Lisbon and graduate in 1997. One year later, somewhere between Évora (where I lived) and Zambujeira do Mar (where I teached) I began the "bonito serviço!" venture, my own ceramic painting project. I end up giving up teaching to dedicate more time to my project. "Bonito serviço!" was registred as national brand in 2000 and I began selling my work in design stores in Portugal.
I now live and work in Águeda, Portugal, and have two beautiful daughters.

About the project

The project idea is to gather the ceramic toughness to a light grafic design; to gather the special to the daily; the creativity to the useful. I always loved the ideia of creating a one-of-a-kind object that people can really use  everyday! in daily or special ocasions...to have breakfast, a cosy tea in a winter afternoon, a celebrating dinner or your baby's first meal.
the designs are made by me and can be customize and specially created by order, to be a one-of-a-kind daily used object. this is for sure the perfect present for someone you love, including yourself!
Machine wash is possible but hand wash is recommended for longer durability.


About the name

"bonito serviço!" is a Portuguese expression that gets lost in translation. "bonito" means beautiful and "serviço" means work but also set, like tea set. So it means "nice work" or "nice set". But as an expression it's totally ironic and it means something like "look what you've done!". So it's like a two-in-one expression that brings a smile to everyone that finds it as my project's name, because is so perfect for it.

The name's idea came to me long before the project's one, because I've always liked to play with words and imagine funny names for imaginaries projects.